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‘Pacific Currents, Global Tides’

5 – 7 December 2016, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

In December, 2016, Victoria University will host the DevNet 2016 Conference. The theme, ‘Pacific Currents, Global Tides’, reflects a desire to focus both on the ways in which global trends in development theory, policy and practice flow through to the wider pacific region and also on how current thinking and practice within the region can contribute to and challenge such global tides.

The conference will have a strong emphasis on the Pacific region and involvement of practitioners and community development workers. We encourage groups to participate in sessions in a variety of formats to open discussion, interaction and networking. Workshops, panels, ‘unconference’ formats as well as research-based presentations are all welcome.

Call for Expressions of Interest

We invite individuals, groups and organisations to express their interest in attending, and if they would like to participate by offering a presentation or suggesting ideas for panels or other session formats.

Please see the conference page for more information, registration, and the expression of interest form.