Conference 2008


DevNet 2008: Peripheral Vision 

3-5 December, 2008 | Victoria University | Wellington


The fifth conference, ‘Peripheral Vision’, captured different ways of thinking about and practicing development. It discussed development of and from the ‘periphery’ – whether defined as the antipodes (Aotearoa and the South Pacific region), or those people who are often excluded from mainstream development. With over 200 attendees, the wide variety of participants and keynote speakers make it both a very enjoyable and inspiring experience.


  • Human rights
  • Issues of power
  • Gender and development
  • New generation of Pacific leaders
  • African perspectives
  • It’s not easy being green: sustainable development
  • Mäori development
  • Disability, disadvantage and development
  • Land
  • Dance, art and globalisation
  • Students' work in progress


Conference Papers

See below for available papers. Others can be viewed as abstracts:


Aaron Reibel. African Success Story.pdf103.99 KB
Abstracts DevNet Conference 2008.pdf786.45 KB
AlicePollard.SihoMai.pdf44.02 KB
Dayal Talukder and Kenneth Jackson. Impact of Agricultural Trade Liberalisation in Bangladesh on Rural Livelihoods.pdf64.07 KB
Godwin Utuka. The Emergence of Private Higher Education and the Issue of Quality Assurance in Ghana.pdf195.98 KB
IatiIati. Controversial Land Legislation in Samoa It's not just about the land.pdf196.7 KB
LakingNam. The Nam Theun 2 Hydro Project A better kind of dam.pdf64.95 KB
Matthew Allen.Tobacco control a case study of development practice.pdf241.05 KB
Mohammed Faisal. Living on a crowded island Urban transformation in the Maldives.pdf976.85 KB
Murad Ali. United States foreign aid to Pakistan and democracy Rhetoric versus reality.pdf229.19 KB
Peter Swain.Lessons from Volunteer Service Abroad’s partnership with PriSkul Asosiesen Blong Vanuatu.pdf125.5 KB
Steven Ma. From Tension to Violence Identities and Perceptions in Kenya's Post Election Conflict.pdf255.41 KB
Tamarisi Yabaki. Women's life in a Fijian village.pdf148.38 KB
Mahrukh Khan. Female Representations as Symbols of Ethical Revival.pdf61.1 KB
Sheila V Siar. Bringing back what has been lost knowledge exchange through the diaspora.pdf211.07 KB
Lyne and Martin. Agribusiness for Rural Development A Peripheral View.pdf202.93 KB
Okwuashi.The Challenges of Urbanistion.pdf647.91 KB
RachelTallon. The Image Dilemma.pdf57.49 KB
Jen Margaret. LearninginActionforSocialChange.pdf268.98 KB
Gerard Prinsen. Public budget.pdf257.32 KB
John Schischk. Chritchurch Community Development.pdf67.86 KB